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with every RA-4500 purchase

From Now until May 31, 2021


Designed to convert Digital data to an analog format.

This compact digital to analog convertor allows for the replacement of heavy, legacy radar altimeters with FreeFlight Systems’ RA-4500 while retaining existing antennas, cabling and indicators onboard the aircraft. The FDC-500 shipset includes an RA-4500 radar altimeter, with shipment dates scheduled for March 25, 2021.

  • Retrofit solution for existing KRA 405/405B RADALT
  • Same form factor that can use existing antennas, cabling, and flight deck indicators
  • Fully TSO'd


Designed to convert analog data into a digital format, utilize the FDC-500 with your existing Honeywell KRA405/405B radar altimeters. No panel replacements or additional antennas required. 

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